Waterproof Chi Vest Jacket

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Get ready to let your Chihuahua shine bright like a diamond with our Waterproof Chi Vest Jacket! This Chihuahua jacket is a glammed-up, weather-ready piece that’s sure to make your little buddy the talk of the town.

  • lightweight and warm layer for the winter season
  • cute addition to your Chihuahua’s wardrobe
  • convenient zipper closure on the back
  • double D rings on the back to attach the leash

Why wear our Waterproof Chi Vest Jacket?

The jacket’s shiny waterproof fabric is the real MVP here, keeping your pup dry and dapper even when the weather decides to be a downer. The glossy finish isn’t just for show – it also makes those rainy day puddle splashes a non-issue.

Strength and Style with Double D-Rings

Double D-rings on the back mean you can attach a leash without any additional gear, keeping walks simple and stylish. It’s all about secure strolling and turning heads with that extra metallic flair.

Zip Up and Go

The zipper closure isn’t just sleek. It’s also super convenient. Located on the back for easy access, you can get your Chi ready for the outdoors in no time. No more fumbling around – zip up and hit the pavements with pizzazz!

Belly High Cut for Comfort

The high cut on the belly ensures your dog stays clean and comfortable. It’s designed for quick potty breaks without the jacket getting in the way, which means more playtime and less cleanup.

Cotton-Filled Coziness

Filled with soft pp cotton, this vest doesn’t just fend off water. It also gives your pup a plush layer of warmth. It’s like a cozy little pillow wrapped around them, perfect for those brisk morning walks or cool evening outings.

Whether it’s sprinkling, drizzling, or pouring, the Waterproof Chi Vest Jacket will cover your Chi literally. With this jacket, they’ll stay snug, secure, and seriously stylish!


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Waterproof Chi Vest Jacket

Waterproof Chi Vest Jacket

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