GG Black Chihuahua Sweatshirt

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The GG Black Chihuahua Sweatshirt is the must-have wardrobe staple for the four-legged fashionista with a taste for Italian flair and a need for comfort. 

  • made from a cotton blend
  • perfect for chilly springs and autumns
  • zipper closure on the belly
  • inspired by Italian style
  • machine washable

Why wear our GG Black Chihuahua Sweatshirt?

With a zip faster than a squirrel in a dog park, this Chihuahua sweatshirt is a cinch to slip on. Say goodbye to the tug-o-war dressing sessions of the past. Your Chihuahua will be zipped up and ready to strut before you can say “bellissimo.”

This isn’t just any black sweatshirt. It’s the kind of top that makes other dogs do a double-take and think, “Was that a dog or a fashion mogul?” It’s for the Chihuahua who’s as confident on a walk as a gladiator in the Colosseum, only way cuter and less likely to start a battle.

And the ribbed cuffs? They’re not just for show. They’re there to keep the warmth in and the chill out, ensuring your pooch’s little limbs stay as toasty as a panini on a Tuscan summer day. Plus, they add that sporty spice, because let’s face it, your dog’s got game.

In case your little Chi needs an additional warmth, you can always match is with one of our padded vests. Dog vest are very practical and will give your dog the warmth on winter days.

So, whether your Chihuahua is lounging at home or turning the sidewalk into their personal fashion week, the GG Black Chihuahua Sweatshirt is the perfect blend of cozy chic. It’s for the pup who likes their style like they like their spaghetti – Italian and full of flavor.


NECK: Measure around your Chihuahua’s neck, allowing room for comfortable fit.

CHEST: Measure around your Chihuahua’s body, right behind the front legs, and around the widest part of your dog’s chest.

LENGHT: Measure your Chihuahua’s back, from the base of the neck to base of the tail.

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GG Black Chihuahua Sweatshirt

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