Hooded Chihuahua Jacket

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Ideal for crispy days, the Hooded Chihuahua Jacket will give your pet the ultimate protection against cold and wind.

  • padded with pp soft cotton
  • comes in an array of colors
  • a hood is made from cotton, as well as sleeves
  • button closure on the belly
  • thanks to its unique design, this Chihuahua jacket resembles a hoodie.
  • machine washable
  • lightweight jacket for your Chihuahua

Why to wear our Hooded Chihuahua Jacket?

Roll out the red carpet and get those pup-arazzi cameras flashing because the Hooded Chihuahua Jacket has arrived, and it’s turning every sidewalk into a runway! 

Crafted for comfort with a dash of sass, this jacket features a soft, heather-gray hoodie that’s more versatile than a Swiss army knife. Perfect for those mysterious, brooding looks your pup gives while contemplating the meaning of fetch. 

The vibrant quilted body comes in an array of colors that pop, making your tiny trendsetter impossible to miss, even if they’re darting under the coffee table.

This piece isn’t just about looking good. It’s about staying warm without losing that street cred. Whether it’s a crisp purple that says “I’m royalty” or a bold blue that shouts “sky’s the limit,” your pooch will strut their stuff with an air of confidence that says, “Yeah, I know I’m the bark of the town.”

We also have to mention the button snaps! No more wrangling with sleeves or wrestling with Velcro. A couple of clicks and your canine is ready to face the great outdoors—or at least the backyard. And when they’re back inside, it’s off with ease, perfect for those sudden indoor zoomies.


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purple, pink, orange, blue, black


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Chihuahua Jacket - Hooded

Hooded Chihuahua Jacket

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