DogFace Chihuahua Jacket

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Keep your little Chi safe and protected from the wind and rain with our DogFace Chihuahua Jacket.

  • made from a special windbreaker fabric
  • waterproof outer layer to keep your dog’s fur dry
  • lightweight and easy to dress
  • adorable sporty style
  • machine washable
  • it features reflective stripes for improved visibility
  • zipper closure

Why to wear the DogFace Chihuahua Jacket?

This isn’t just any old dog jacket. Imagine your tiny four-legged friend turning heads at the park, strutting their stuff like it’s a runway at the Pup Fashion Week. Why? Because this jacket screams style with a side of sass.

Crafted from the slickest windbreaker fabric, this Chihuahua jacket isn’t just black—it’s midnight cool, the kind of black that makes other dogs bark with envy. 

Reflective parts

And let’s talk about those reflective parts on this jacket for your Chihuahua. We’re not just improving visibility for safety. We’re making sure your pooch shines brighter than a disco ball on a Saturday night.

Protective hood

This is not just any hood, but a hood fit for a tiny canine king or queen, keeping that regal head dry when the rain pours because let’s face it, a Chihuahua’s ‘do is too precious to mess up. Plus, the waterproof fabric means your furry friend can splash through puddles like they’re on the set of “Singing in the Rain.”

Whether you’re aiming for practicality or just want your pup to be the coolest doggo on the block, the DogFace Chihuahua Jacket has got you covered—literally. So, snap one up and let your little buddy trot out in the ultimate blend of fashion and function. It’s the dog jacket of your—and your Chihuahua’s—dreams! Match it with one of our Chihuahua hoodies on those winter days when your dog needs extra protection.

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The Dog Face Chihuahua Black Windbreaker

DogFace Chihuahua Jacket

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