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Celebrate your Chihuahua’s individuality with our meticulously curated Chihuahua Harness & Collars collection. We understand the importance of safety, comfort, and style when it comes to accessorizing your furry friend. Our collection features harnesses and collars designed specifically for the unique needs of Chihuahuas, ensuring a snug fit and promoting their personal style. With our accessories, every walk becomes a remarkable fashion display, allowing your Chihuahua to showcase their personality with pride.

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  • adjustable-molle-military-hunting-harness

    Adjustable Molle Military Hunting Harness Introducing our Adjustable Molle Military Hunting Harness – the ultimate gear for your adventurous canine companion. This harness is designed for active dogs who love outdoor exploration, offering adjustability, durability, and versatility. Key Features: Rugged and Durable: Crafted from high-quality, heavy-duty materials, our Adjustable Molle…

  • adjustable-high-quality-chihuahua-harness

    In the sea of colorful and crazy-looking dog harnesses, why not to buy a simple and basic-looking one that will make your dog comfortable? Basic & Breathable Chihuahua Harness is here to save the day (or to save your daily strolls). made from a breathable and lightweight fabric skin-friendly dog…

  • adjustable-chihuahua-harness

    What is the first item that every dog owner needs to buy when they bring a Chi puppy home? Well, the Black&White Chihuahua Harness should definitely take the first place on our shopping list. made from nylon webbing gentle to the dog’s skin adjustable straps on the harness chest strap…

  • bling-rhinestone-crystal-chihuahua-collars-leash

    Let your furry friend shine bright and look glamorous every day with our Bling Crystal Chihuahua Collar! made from metal and decorated with shiny zircons it comes with a bling-bling bone pendant available in three colors ( blue, pink and silver) perfect for trained puppies gives your dog a dose…

  • bling-rhinestone-personalized-chihuahua-collar

    When in doubt about what type of dog collar to buy, choose the Bling Personalized Chihuahua collar! It comes with your dog’s name and features a soft faux leather! it features PU leather that is gentle to the skin comes emblazoned with your dog’s name and paw pendant adorable pick…

  • $29.00$59.00

    Discover the perfect accessory for your stylish Chihuahua with our Braided Leather Collar, designed for comfort, fashion, and sensitive skin. Comes with a matching leash for a complete, modern look. made from soft and gentle faux leather perfect for dogs who suffer from allergies comes with a matching leash adjustable…

  • breathable-mesh-chihuahua-harness

    Discover the comfort and convenience of the Breathable Mesh Chihuahua Harness, tailor-made for your furry friend’s walking needs. features a breathable mesh fabric reflective stripes that improve visibility in the night adjustable points perfect for the summer season Why buy our Breathable Mesh Chihuahua Harness? This harness is not just…

  • Coffee Colored Chihuahua Harness Leash Set

    Meet your new must-have: the Brown Chihuahua Harness Leash Set. Inspired by the elegance of Fendi, this stylish duo is more than just a pretty accessory. It’s a practical, puppy-proof way to keep your spirited little one under control without compromising on comfort or style. made from a nylon webbing…

  • nylon-mesh-chihuahua-breathable-leash-harness

    Make your dog ready for summer strolls with our Chihuahua Breathable Harness & Leash Set! it features a mesh fabric padded edges for additional comfort comes with a matching leash adjustable straps are easy to set hand washable comes with a metal D-ring on the back Why buy our Chihuahua…

  • chihuahua-breathable-mesh-harness

    Chihuahua Breathable Mesh Harness When it comes to walking your puppy, having a reliable and comfortable harness is essential. Our Chihuahua Breathable Mesh Harness is not only affordable but also guarantees top-quality and includes a leash! Designed with a breathable mesh material, this harness ensures optimal air circulation. Your ChiChi…

  • chihuahua-empire-harness-with-a-bow-tie-leash-included

    Chihuahua Empire Harness With A Bow Tie ( Leash Included ) The Chihuahua Empire Harness with a Bow Tie is here to meet your needs for a secure yet stylish option. Are you ready to discover its incredible features? Not only does this harness come with a charming bow tie,…

  • chihuahua-flower-leather-collar

    Is your Chi a free-spirited flower child at heart? Are you eager to showcase your pup’s vibrant personality to the world? Look no further than this exquisite Flower Leather Collar! Let’s start with its practicality. Available in three sizes, this collar offers a versatile fit for dogs of all shapes…

Is it Better to Use a Harness or Collar on a Chihuahua?

For Chihuahuas, harnesses are often the preferred choice. Due to their small size and delicate necks, harnesses provide better control and minimize the risk of injury. However, a collar can still be used for attaching ID tags.

Our Top Recommendations

When it comes to harnesses, our ChicCanine Comfort Harness is a fantastic option. It offers superior comfort and support for your Chihuahua, ensuring safe and enjoyable walks. The harness is also designed with fashion in mind, adding a stylish touch to your pet's daily attire.

For collars, we highly recommend the Love Me Collar & Leash. It is not only sturdy and reliable but also adds a dash of elegance to your Chihuahua's look. With this collar, your pet can showcase their unique style while staying safe and secure.

Discover the perfect blend of safety and style with our Chihuahua Harness & Collars collection. Elevate your pet's fashion game while ensuring their comfort and well-being during walks. Explore our collection today and make every stroll a fashionable and enjoyable experience!