Chihuahua Tactical Vest Harness


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Make your dog ready for outdoor adventures with our Chihuahua Tactical Vest Harness!

  • made from a sturdy polyester fabric that is gentle to the skin
  • adjustable straps goes around your dog’s belly
  • there is a safety handle on the back
  • metal D-ring on the back that will keep your pet safe when on leash
  • hand washable

Why buy our Chihuahua Tactical Vest Harness?

Designed specifically for the unique contours of Chihuahuas, this harness combines durability, functionality, and comfort, making it the perfect companion for your adventurous pup.

The Chihuahua Tactical Vest Harness is carefully crafted from sturdy fabric that withstands even the most active play sessions. Whether you’re training in the park or exploring new terrains, this harness promises resilience against wear and tear. It’s more than just a harness. It’s a reliable piece of equipment that prepares your Chihuahua for any challenge.

Key features of the harness include a safety handle on the back, which is essential for controlling or assisting your dog in potentially hazardous situations. This handle allows for quick and easy access to your pet, providing a way to guide them or lift them away from danger effortlessly.

The harness boasts a metal D-ring on the back, perfect for attaching a leash securely. This feature ensures that your Chihuahua is safe and under control, whether you’re in a crowded area or during intense training sessions. The D-ring’s placement and strength offer peace of mind, knowing that the leash attachment is both secure and comfortable for your dog.

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Chest: 13.7″-19″(34.8-48.26CM)

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Chihuahua Tactical Vest Harness

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