Italian Style Chihuahua Collar


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Why not add a touch of luxury to your dog’s walks with our Italian Style Chihuahua Collar? Inspired by the popular human fashion brand, it’s easy to match with different outfits.

  • it features soft and skin-friendly fabric
  • decorated with golden buckle and D-ring
  • easy to match with different clothes
  • inspired by the Italian fashion brand
  • comes with a matching leash that features a leather handle

Why buy our Italian Style Chihuahua Collar?

Crafted from soft-touch polyester webbing, this collar doesn’t just look good—it feels good, too. The material is gentle on your dog’s neck, ensuring comfort throughout their daily activities, whether they’re on a brisk walk or just lounging at home. But don’t let the softness fool you; this collar is built to last, standing up to the rigors of both puppy mischief and adult dog adventures.

The real eye-catcher? The striking green and red color scheme, inspired by the classic Italian flag, adds a pop of color that’s sure to turn heads. This vibrant design isn’t just for show. It’s a celebration of style that reflects the joy and vivacity of your beloved pet.

Adding a touch of luxury, the golden buckle and metal golden D-ring not only secure the collar with a snug fit but also add an elegant finish that’s second to none. These elements ensure that the collar is not only stylish. It’s also safe and functional, keeping your Chihuahua secure on their leash during walks.

Speaking of leashes, the set includes a matching leash that complements the collar perfectly. This cohesive look makes every outing an opportunity for your Chihuahua to showcase their best self, wrapped in Italian elegance and comfort.

Easy to maintain, the polyester webbing is a breeze to clean. It ensures that the collar and leash set stays looking as fresh and fabulous as the day you bought it. Whether it’s a quick wipe down or a gentle wash, maintenance is minimal, making this set as practical as it is stylish.


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Designer Collar for Chihuahua

Italian Style Chihuahua Collar

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