Walking essentials

A harness will give you 100% control of your chihuahua. A simple collar with a leash attached should be enough for well-behaved dogs. However, for wild ones, the naughty troublemaker chihuahuas – we strongly suggest getting a harness. You’ll avoid their neck getting hurt from pulling, and the harness divides the tension all over the dog’s body. Also, a harness discourages pulling at all, while making the dog comfortable.

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  • adjustable-chihuahua-harness

    This Chihuahua Harness is a basic halter style leash that is great for walking and jogging while training your chihuahua. This harness features adjust-ability at the neck and chest to create a custom fit for your dog. With nylon webbing and heavy duty stitching, this harness is durable enough to…

  • adjustable-high-quality-chihuahua-harness

    Adjustable High Quality Chihuahua Harness Introducing our Adjustable High-Quality Chihuahua Harness – the perfect choice for pet owners who seek a blend of comfort, durability, and style in their dog’s harness. Crafted with meticulous care, this harness is designed to provide optimal support and a customizable fit for your beloved…

  • bling-rhinestone-crystal-chihuahua-collars-leash

    Bling Rhinestone Crystal Chihuahua Collars Leash Introducing our Bling Rhinestone Crystal Chihuahua Collars Leash set – the perfect combination of glamour, style, and functionality for your beloved Chihuahua. This set is thoughtfully designed to provide a fashionable accessory and a matching leash for your petite pup. Key Features: Dazzling Rhinestone…

  • bling-rhinestone-personalized-chihuahua-collar

    Bling Rhinestone Personalized Chihuahua Collar Introducing our Bling Rhinestone Personalized Chihuahua Collar – the perfect accessory to add a touch of glamour and uniqueness to your beloved Chihuahua’s style. This personalized collar is thoughtfully designed to combine bling and customization for your furry friend. Key Features: Bling Rhinestone Design: Our…

  • breathable-mesh-chihuahua-harness

    Supreme Comfort and Secure Fit Introducing the Breathable Mesh Chihuahua Harness, a revolutionary accessory for your cherished Chihuahua. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this harness combines style, functionality, and unmatched comfort, ensuring a remarkable experience for both you and your four-legged companion. With its innovative breathable mesh fabric and…

  • $32.00

    Introducing our Fendi-inspired adjustable dog collar and leash set, designed to provide both control and freedom during various activities with your beloved pet. Made from high-quality nylon, this collar set offers durability and comfort for all seasons. Key Features: 1. Adjustable Length: The collar features an adjustable design that allows…

  • chihuahua-bow-tie-collar

    Make a statement with your furry companion at any special occasion with our exquisite Chihuahua Bow Tie Collar. This luxurious accessory is not only reserved for humans anymore – now your Chi can showcase their elegance and sophistication too! Designed with style in mind, this deluxe collar is the perfect…

  • chihuahua-breathable-mesh-harness

    Chihuahua Breathable Mesh Harness When it comes to walking your puppy, having a reliable and comfortable harness is essential. Our Chihuahua Breathable Mesh Harness is not only affordable but also guarantees top-quality and includes a leash! Designed with a breathable mesh material, this harness ensures optimal air circulation. Your ChiChi…

  • chihuahua-empire-harness-with-a-bow-tie-leash-included

    Chihuahua Empire Harness With A Bow Tie ( Leash Included ) The Chihuahua Empire Harness with a Bow Tie is here to meet your needs for a secure yet stylish option. Are you ready to discover its incredible features? Not only does this harness come with a charming bow tie,…

  • chihuahua-flower-leather-collar

    Is your Chi a free-spirited flower child at heart? Are you eager to showcase your pup’s vibrant personality to the world? Look no further than this exquisite Flower Leather Collar! Let’s start with its practicality. Available in three sizes, this collar offers a versatile fit for dogs of all shapes…

  • chihuahua-harness-with-a-bow-tie

    Chihuahua Harness With A Bow Tie A high-quality dog harness offers numerous benefits that are truly invaluable. Not only are they an effective training tool for puppies, but they also provide essential protection by preventing neck injuries and discouraging leash pulling. It’s a wise investment for every responsible dog owner.…

  • chihuahua-harness-with-diamonds

    Experience the ultimate control and comfort for your beloved Chihuahua with our high-quality Chihuahua Harness. Designed with a stylish Diamond pattern, this harness offers a perfect combination of functionality and fashion. With four classic color options to choose from, you can find the ideal style that suits your pup’s personality.…