Cute Chihuahua Harness + Leash


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Cute Chihuahua Harness + Leash

Experience the magic of winter with our cozy Chihuahua sweaters! Contrary to popular belief, Chihuahuas can enjoy the colder season just as much as any other dog, provided they have the proper gear.

Step into your pup’s winter adventure with warm and comfortable dog wear. That’s where our extensive collection of Chihuahua sweaters comes in. With eight unique combinations to choose from, finding the perfect match for your furry friend is a breeze.

As a result, we invite you to take a look at this adorable Chihuahua Hooded Harness! Although it is fully functional and practical like other harnesses, its special charm lies in its beautiful design.
The addition of a hoodie provides extra comfort and warmth for your pooch, while the mesh lining allows your pup to breathe and feel free. Available in 2 trendy colors, you’ll have no problem choosing the perfect style for your Chihuahua!


✔ Fully functional Chihuahua harness with a hoodie

✔ Mesh lining increases breathability and comfort

✔ Great training tool

✔ Discourages pulling on the leash

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Cute Chihuahua Harness + Leash

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