Chihuahua Leather Jacket


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Step aside, humans, because the Chihuahua Leather Jacket has landed! It’s taking tiny biker chic to a whole new level. This is not your garden-variety pet coat. It’s the bad boy of doggy fashion, ready to turn your sweet pet into the leader of the pack.

  • made from faux leather
  • inspired by pilot jackets
  • available in red and black colors
  • padded with soft and warm fleece fabric
  • ribbed hem and cuffs
  • perfect for winter wear

Why to wear our Chihuahua Leather Jacket?

With its classic bomber jacket vibe, complete with striped cuffs and waistband, this Chi jacket screams “rebel with a cause… and that cause is chasing squirrels.”

This Chihuahua jacket has all the hallmarks of the iconic leather jacket style, down to the snap buttons and a plush, cozy lining that feels like a warm embrace on those chilly evening walks. 

The sleeve boasts a “FIGHTER PILOT” badge. Because, let’s face it, every chihuahua is fighting the good fight against those pesky mailmen. And the back? It’s emblazoned with “Elidog – VICTORY,” because every game of fetch is a win when you look this cool.

It’s not just about attitude, though. This jacket is practical, too. It slips on easily, snaps up in a jiffy, and is as comfy as it is cool. The high-cut belly ensures that your pooch can still strut their stuff without any… ahem, bathroom interference.

In essence, the Chihuahua Leather Jacket is for the four-legged friend who’s a cupcake at heart but wants the world to know they’re a cookie full of tough chunks. It’s for the pint-sized pal who barks at their own reflection and thinks they’re a wolf. Get ready to unleash the inner rockstar of your furry companion, because with this jacket, every walk is an encore-worthy performance.

Size Length (cm) Length (in) Chest (cm) Chest (in) Neck (cm) Neck (in)
XS 20cm 7.87in 30cm 11.81in 20cm 7.87in
S 23cm 9.06in 34cm 13.39in 23cm 9.06in
M 28cm 11.02in 40cm 15.75in 27cm 10.63in
L 32cm 12.60in 46cm 18.11in 31cm 12.20in
XL 36cm 14.17in 52cm 20.47in 34cm 13.39in
2XL 40cm 15.75in 58cm 22.83in 40cm 15.75in
3XL 45cm 17.72in 64cm 25.20in 43cm 16.93in

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Chihuahua Leather Jacket

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