Chi Dog Jacket

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Introducing our Special Design Chi Dog Jacket, featuring a leash hole for added convenience during walks and outdoor activities. This jacket is designed to keep your furry friend warm and protected during the autumn and winter seasons.

Key Features:
1. Leash Hole Design: The special design of this jacket includes a leash hole, allowing you to easily attach a leash to your dog’s harness or collar without compromising their comfort or safety. It provides convenience and ease during your outdoor adventures.

2. Keep Warm and Water-Proof: We understand the importance of keeping your Chi warm and dry in colder weather. This jacket is made with a super thick and warm 100% cotton material that provides insulation and retains heat. Additionally, the water-proof feature helps protect your pup from light rain or snow, keeping them comfortable and dry.

3. Suitable for Autumn and Winter: With its super thick and warm construction, this jacket is perfect for the colder seasons. Whether you’re taking your Chi for a walk on a chilly autumn day or braving the winter frost, this jacket will help keep them cozy and protected.

The Special Design Chi Dog Jacket is a must-have for pet owners looking to keep their furry friends warm and stylish. The leash hole adds practicality, while the super thick and water-proof material ensures optimal warmth and protection. Dress your Chi in this comfortable and fashionable jacket, and let them enjoy the autumn and winter months in utmost comfort.



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Chi Dog Jacket

Chi Dog Jacket

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