Chihuahua Pearly Waterproof Vest

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Behold, the Chihuahua Pearly Waterproof Vest, also known as the “bubblegum spaceship” of the doggy fashion world! If your pup is ready to take on raindrops or simply wants to look out-of-this-world adorable, this vest is the ticket to stellar style.

  • it’s padded with soft pp cotton
  • button closure on the belly
  • high cut
  • available in 2 pearly colors
  • hand washable

Why wear our Chihuahua Pearly Waterproof Vest?

This vest isn’t just waterproof; it’s a water-defying fashion statement. Crafted from the same material used to make unicorn dreams, it comes in a shade of pink that’s usually reserved for fairy floss and princess parties. Plus, it’s got a sheen that’s sure to reflect not just puddles but also the envious gazes of other dog parents.

We’ve kept it light because your little dog has big plans, like napping and being adorable. No heavy vests here! This one’s so light, your Chihuahua will hardly notice it’s on. They might even think they’re part of the vest, which is quite the adventure, right?

And when it comes to getting it on and off, we’re talking about a hassle-free experience. There’s no need for a wriggle dance or a treat bribe. It’s as easy as pie, and much less messy. You’ll snap it on, and your pooch will be ready to brave the wet world or just strut around the block collecting “awws.”

So, if you want your little tail-wagger to slay on those drizzly walks, the Chihuahua Lightweight Pearly Vest is the go-to gear.. To add an additional warmth to your dog’s outfit, we recommend you to check our collection of Chihuahua sweaters.





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Chihuahua Pearly Waterproof Vest

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