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Chihuahua Classic Sweater

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Chihuahua Classic Sweater

Every Chi needs its own little sweater to keep warm and cozy when it gets a bit chilly. While we’re at it, why shouldn’t the sweater be fashionable as well? This classic Chihuahua sweater gives your pup the best of both worlds - a warm hug around its body, and a fashionable outfit to strut around in!

The jumper is very comfortable and breathable, allowing your Chi to wear it at all times. In other words, it can be worn both outdoors and indoors. As the sweater is incredibly cozy, your pooch will easily get accustomed to another layer of clothing. 

In addition, the sweater comes in 10 different colors, allowing you to easily choose which one you think best suits your pup! If you want to accessorize your Chi further, you can even match its little sweater to the rest of your home’s decor.

To sum up, if you want your little gremlin to feel warm, and look amazing doing it, this classic Chihuahua sweater is the best way to go!

 ✔ Very warm and comfortable

✔ Available in 10 distinct colors

✔ Highly fashionable and eye-catching sweater

✔ A classic piece of dog wear


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Some of our customer's puppies wearing their Chihuahua Classic Sweater👇
If you aren't sure how to properly measure the size that would fit your puppy correctly, please take a look at our "HOW TO MEASURE YOUR CHIHUAHUA" guide, located just below the Size Selection panel, which you can find at the top of the product page.



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