Winter Green Chihuahua Jacket

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Stay snuggly and stylish with our Winter Green Chihuahua Jacket!

  • padded with pp cotton
  • zipper closure on the belly
  • adorable pick for winter adventures
  • machine washable
  • decorated with the Dog Face emblem

Why wear our Winter Green Chihuahua Jacket?

This chic jacket is designed with the unique needs of a Chihuahua in mind, ensuring your furry friend can enjoy the winter wonderland while staying cozy and dry.

The waterproof outer layer is your Chihuahua’s first line of defense against the rain, snow, and sleet. It will keep them dry and comfortable on their winter escapades. Whether you’re out for a brisk morning walk or an evening stroll through the city lights, this jacket is sure to keep the chilly weather at bay.

With a handy zipper closure strategically placed on the belly, it’s a breeze to get your pooch ready for the great outdoors. No more struggling with overhead garments. Just a quick zip and you’re ready to roll. The placement also means your dog’s back stays protected without any hassle.

The jacket comes in an eye-catching shade of green. The color is as fresh as the first day of spring, yet stands out in the stark winter landscape. It’s the perfect match for the Chihuahua who likes to make a statement with their style while staying prepared for playtime in the cold.

But it’s not all about looks. This Winter Green Chihuahua Jacket is a practical choice to keep your tiny friend safe from hypothermia. As we all know, these cute pooches can quickly lose body heat in the winter. The snug fit and expert craftsmanship ensure your dog retains their body heat, making this jacket an essential for any winter wardrobe.

So let your Chihuahua make their mark this winter with our Winter Green Chihuahua Jacket — where function meets fashion for frolicsome fun in the frosty air.


NECK: Measure around your Chihuahua’s neck, allowing room for comfortable fit.

CHEST: Measure around your Chihuahua’s body, right behind the front legs, and around the widest part of your dog’s chest.

LENGHT: Measure your Chihuahua’s back, from the base of the neck to base of the tail.

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Winter TDF Chihuahua Jacket - green

Winter Green Chihuahua Jacket

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