Pros And Cons Of Spaying a Chihuahua: Things To Know

Are you considering spaying a Chihuahua but you’re not sure at what age it can be done? Spaying procedure is a hot topic for every dog owner who wants to give their dog the best care and health. To help you find out all the important info about this topic, read on because we’ll split it into details.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Spaying a Chihuahua?


Spaying a Chihuahua prevents health problems:

Spaying a Chihuahua can reduce the risk of breast cancer. It also completely eliminates the risk of ovarian and uterine cancers. Since these potential health problems are quite costly, this procedure can save your Chi from potential sufferings.

You certainly want your pet to live as long as she can. Spaying procedure can be especially beneficial for dogs with bad genetics. If your Chihuahua’s parents suffered from certain health issues or had a cancer, then spaying can be a life savior.


Anesthetic Risks: 

As we all know, every surgery brings a dose of risk. Anesthesia can be a concern, especially for tiny breeds like Chihuahuas. But don’t worry, vets are pros at this! Just like humans, our Chis will need to take a rest after waking up from the anesthesia. She can feel a bit dizzy and disoriented, so it’s important to stay by her side in those moments. We also need to mention that some four-legged princesses might search for a safe place to chill. Therefore,  give her support, show her affection, and help her get the best recovery after spaying.

Bone and Joint Issues: 

There’s some debate about whether early spaying can affect bone and joint development. It’s something to chat about with your vet. So, the question of whether spaying can cause bone and joint issues in Chihuahuas is a bit of a tricky one. The short answer? It might, but it’s not a sure thing. According to some studies, cerain low hormone levels may lead to decrease of chondroitin. It’s an important part of dog’s joints which help them stay mobile and active even in the old age.

Here’s the scoop: 

Some research suggests that spaying, especially before the first heat cycle, could potentially impact the development of bones and joints in dogs. This is because the removal of ovaries means a decrease in certain hormones that play a role in bone and joint development.

Now, when it comes to Chihuahuas, they’re a small breed and they mature pretty fast. But, they’re also known for being prone to certain joint issues like patellar luxation (basically a knee problem). The concern is that early spaying might increase the risk of such conditions.

spaying a chihuahua

Behavioral Changes: Expect Some Differences after Spaying a Chihuahua

Reduced Aggression Levels: 

Good news here! Spaying often leads to reduced aggression. So, if your little one is a bit feisty, this might help mellow her out. Spayed Chihuahuas tend to behave more calmly. They will be less territorial and act more friendly around other dogs and cats.

Spaying can often take the edge off when it comes to aggression in dogs, including those spirited little Chihuahuas. You see, a lot of the huff and puff that can come with doggy aggression is tied to hormones. When you spay your Chi, you’re basically removing those hormonal highs and lows that can lead to mood swings and snappy behavior.

Now, don’t expect your little lady to turn into a zen master overnight, but it’s pretty common to see a chill-out in their temperament post-spaying. You’ll notice that they will be less prone to behave aggressively toward other dogs. 

However, in this part, socialization and training your Chihuahua play important roles too.

Spaying is just one piece of the puzzle to help your Chihuahua be the best, most lovable version of herself. So, if you’re hoping for a more mellow vibe at the dog park, spaying could be a step in the right direction. Just be sure to keep up with that good ol’ fashioned training and playtime. It’s all about that balance!

Do Chihuahuas Calm Down After Being Spayed?

Some say spayed Chihuahuas can be less active. However, every dog is unique. Your Chi might still be as zippy as ever! In case your Chi becomes a bit lazy, then you have to pay special attention to her weight. Note that Chis who don’t get enough exercise can quickly gain weight and become obese. 

Social Chihuahua Behaviors

Spaying can affect how your dog interacts with other dogs, especially those of the opposite sex. She might be less interested in them, which isn’t necessarily bad.

Reproductive Health: No Puppies, No Problems

Prevention of Unwanted Pregnancies: This is a biggie. Spaying means no surprise litters. We all know how overwhelming unwanted puppies can be, both for you and the overpopulated dog world.

Breeding Plans Impact: 

If you had dreams of Chihuahua puppies, spaying obviously changes that. It’s a one-way street, so think it through.

Elimination of Heat Cycles:

 No more heats means no more messy cycles and unwanted male attention. It’s a relief for many pet parents.

spaying a chihuahua

The Balancing Act: Weighing Your Options About Spaying a Chihuahua

So, is spaying a Chihuahua the right move? It’s a personal choice. Health-wise, it’s a thumbs up, especially for reducing cancer risks. Behaviorally, it might mean a calmer, more manageable pooch. But yes, it closes the door on puppies and requires a careful consideration of the surgery risks.

The Emotional Side of Spaying a Chihuahua

Now, let’s not forget the emotional aspect. Seeing your little pup go through surgery can be tough. But remember, spaying is a routine procedure and vets are super skilled at it. Your Chi will likely bounce back quicker than you expect. Just be ready for some post-op cuddles and care.

Long-Term Health Benefits

Thinking long-term, spaying is often seen as a positive move for your dog’s health. It’s not just about preventing unwanted puppies; it’s about giving your Chihuahua a shot at a longer, healthier life. We’re talking fewer health risks and potentially less vet bills down the line. That’s a win-win in my book.

Lifestyle Considerations

Consider your lifestyle too. If you’re always on the go, managing a dog in heat can be a hassle. Spaying means less stress for both of you. No more marking the calendar for heat cycles or dealing with male dogs lurking around. Life gets a bit simpler.

At What Age Should You Spay a Chihuahua?

When to spay? That’s a big question. The traditional age is around six months, but some vets recommend waiting a bit longer, especially for small breeds like Chihuahuas. The key is to discuss it with your vet. They’ll help you pick the perfect time based on your dog’s health and development.

According to statistics, the best time to spay a Chi is when she is at least 6 months old. Some vets even recommend to do it around 8th month.

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The bottom line? Chat with your vet, consider your lifestyle and your dog’s health, and make the choice that feels right for your tiny companion. After all, you know her best!

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