Top 8 Chihuahua Eye Problems Every Owner Need To Know

Hey there, Chihuahua buddies! If you’ve got one of these pint-sized pups with a larger-than-life personality, you know that their big, expressive eyes aren’t just a window to their soul—they can also be a window to some health issues. Let’s chat about the main Chihuahua eye problems and how to spot it. Remember that early treatment is essential in order to keep those eyes healthy and their vision well.

chihuahua eye problems

What Are The Most Common Chihuahua Eye Problems?

1- Glaucoma: The Pressure Cooker

Let’s kick things off with glaucoma. It’s the high blood pressure of eye issues—too much pressure inside your Chi’s eyeball. And just like with blood pressure, you don’t want it high. It can lead to headaches, vision loss, and even blindness if it’s not caught and treated. Keep an eye (no pun intended) on any excessive tearing, redness, or if your furball seems to be in pain or bumping into things.


  • Eye seems cloudy or hazy
  • Your Chi squints a lot or seems to avoid bright lights
  • Redness in the whites of their eyes
  • Excessive tearing or discharge
  • Eye bulging, if it’s getting serious

2- Cataracts: Foggy Windows

Next up are cataracts. Imagine trying to look through a steamy window—that’s what it’s like for your Chihuahua when these cloudy patches set up camp in their eyes. Cataracts can make your pooch’s vision blurry or even lead to blindness. Often it’s age-related, but sometimes diabetes can be the sneaky culprit.


  • Cloudy, bluish, or gray areas in the pupil
  • Clumsiness or hesitant to jump or climb
  • Change in eye color, especially noticeable in bright light
  • Rubbing or scratching at their eyes

3- Dry Eye: Desert in the Dome

Dry eye might sound like a minor inconvenience, but for your Chi, it’s more like living in a mini desert. It happens when their eyes don’t make enough tears to stay wet. Watch for red, itchy, or crusty eyes. Without enough tears, everyday activities can end up scratching their cornea, which is as painful as it sounds.


  • Eyes look red and irritated
  • A thick discharge, kind of like sleep in their eyes but more goopy
  • Blinking more than usual, like something’s in their eye
  • The cornea looks dull instead of shiny

4- Cherry Eye: Red Berry Alert

Ever seen your Chihuahua with a red blob in the corner of their eye? That’s cherry eye. It’s not a lost cherry from their sundae, but a prolapsed gland from their third eyelid. It looks scary, but it’s treatable. Your vet can pop it back in or remove it if needed.


  • Swelling around the eye
  • The white part of the eye turning red
  • Squinting or closing the eye often
  • Rubbing their face against things to try to relieve discomfort
chihuahua eye problems

5- Conjunctivitis: The Pink Eye Party Crash

Conjunctivitis, a.k.a. pink eye, can crash your Chihuahua’s eye party at any time. It’s like their eye got a bad cold, and it’s all pink, itchy, and oozy. Keep ’em clean, and get them checked out. Often, a little medication is all it takes to clear it up.


  • The white part of the eye turns pink or red
  • Swollen eyelids, giving a puffy appearance
  • A discharge, could be clear or with some color
  • Constant blinking or squinting

6- Corneal Ulcer: The Scratch on the Lens

This one’s serious, folks. A corneal ulcer is a scratch or sore on the eye’s surface. It can come from dry eye, trauma, or even those cute but perilous cat stand-offs. Symptoms include squinting, tearing, and redness and it’s one of the worst issues that can affect your Chihuahua’s health. This one’s a vet visit ASAP to prevent more damage.


  • Excessive tearing, your pup’s eye might be watering like crazy
  • A visible spot or blemish on the cornea
  • Your Chi might be super sensitive to light
  • Sometimes there’s a white or grayish film over the eye

7- Entropion: When Lashes Turn Rogue

Entropion is like having an inside-out eyelid. It means your Chihuahua’s lashes are rubbing on their eyeball, which is as uncomfortable as wearing an itchy sweater on a hot day. It’s not just a beauty blunder; it can cause serious damage if those lashes keep scratching the cornea. 


  • Watery eyes, because those lashes are irritating
  • Redness and pain, they might even try to keep their eye shut
  • You might see their eyelid rolled inward if you look closely
  • Rubbing their eye more than usual

8- Corneal Damage: Battle Scars

Corneal damage can happen from rough play, poking around in bushes, or those aforementioned cat stand-offs. Think of the cornea like the clear screen protector on your phone—it’s tough, but it can get scratched. And just like your phone, you want to fix that screen to keep it functioning.


  • Scratching at their eye – they know something’s not right
  • Watering eyes, as if they’re trying to wash something out
  • A visible scratch or abrasion on the cornea
  • Cloudiness or discoloration in part of the cornea

Why Are Chihuahuas prone to eye problems?

What can we say about Chihuahuas and their peepers? Well, they’re big, they’re expressive, and they tug at our heartstrings. But those adorable eyes are a bit like delicate china in a bull shop; they’re prone to problems. Here’s the scoop on why these tiny canines often end up with eye issues.

First off, let’s talk genetics. These little dogs were bred to have those large, pretty eyes that make them look perpetually surprised. But with great beauty comes great responsibility – and in this case, a greater risk of eye problems. It’s kind of like if you have a big windshield on a car; there’s more chance something will hit it.

Then, there’s their front-and-center positioning. Their eyes are like two big billboards. 

In other words, they easily catch dirt, debris and other harmful elements. Plus, their eyes tend to water more. This is especially important to mention because excessive watering can lead to stains and, if not cleaned properly, infections.

chihuahua eye problems

How To Remove Tear Stains From My Chihuahua’s Eyes?

After we listed all potential chihuahua eye problems, it’s time to reveal you the tip on how to remove tear stains under those gorgeous eyes. Those reddish-brown tear stains under their eyes are not dangerous but definitely look unpleasant.

Luckily, our shop offers your the tear stain remover that’s all about the natural goodness. No harsh chemicals, no weird ingredients you can’t pronounce—just pure, stain-fighting magic. And the best part? You’ll start seeing those stains hit the road in just 2 weeks!

chihuahua tear stain remover

Here is the manual on how to use it:

Gently does it: First off, get your Chi chill and comfy. Maybe after a little play session when they’re all tuckered out.

Application time: Dab a little of the remover on a cotton ball or pad – think of it like you’re using a gentle makeup remover for those supermodel eyes.

Wipe with love: Now, with the patience of a saint and the soft touch of a butterfly’s wing, wipe away the stains from the corner of the eyes outward. Remember, no rubbing like you’re trying to get a stain out of your favorite tee.

Repeat the mantra: Stick to this routine daily, and you’ll notice those tear stains fading faster than a popsicle in the sun.

Praise and treats: After each session, let your Chi know they’re the best little trooper with some cuddles and a treat. Positive vibes only!

Can Chihuahuas Eyes Pop Out?

It’s one of those chihuahua eye problems that can have you sprinting to the vet if you’re not careful. This unnerving condition is known as ‘proptosis,’ and it’s a real concern for these pint-sized pups with their prominent peepers. It usually happens when there’s a bit too much rough play or an unfortunate encounter with a bigger, rowdier fur sibling. 

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Chihuahua eye problems like this are why it’s super important to handle these little guys with the utmost care, keeping a watchful eye during playtime and steering clear of situations that could lead to such scary scenarios. If your Chi ever does a Houdini with their eyeball, time is of the essence – get to the vet, immediately!

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