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Chihuahua Flower Leather Collar

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Chihuahua Flower Leather Collar
Is your Chi a flower child at heart? Do you want to show off your pup’s bubbly personality to the rest of the world? If so, let’s take a look at this beautiful flower collar!

First, let’s discuss the functionality. The collar comes in 3 sizes, meaning it can fit virtually any pooch! On top of that, it’s highly adjustable. As a result, even if you choose a size too small or too big - rest assured it’ll fit your pup just fine with a slight adjustment!

On top of that, as the collar is leather - it’s highly durable. As a result, it’s a great investment, as your pup will be able to wear it for a long time! Don’t worry, the flowers won’t bother your Chi - they’re unnoticeable and very lightweight.

When it comes to the aesthetic of the collar, it’s clear to see that it’s fun, exciting, colorful, and beautiful! We have no doubt that your doggie will look adorable wearing it! Release your pup’s inner hippie with this amazing Flower Leather Collar!


✔ Non-restrictive dog collar

✔ Easy to clip on any leash

✔ Available in 4 distinct color combinations

✔ Highly durable

✔ Comfortable and lightweight for your Chi


Did You Know? With Your First Purchase at the Chihuahua Shop, you will get a FREE VET APPROVED Recipe Book of Homemade Meals and Treats for Your Chihuahua! This is a MASSIVE VALUE for all Chi parents who care about their dog's overall health!

Some of our customer's puppies wearing their Chihuahua Flower Leather Collar👇

If you aren't sure how to properly measure the size that would fit your puppy correctly, please take a look at our "HOW TO MEASURE YOUR CHIHUAHUA" guide, located just below the Size Selection panel, which you can find at the top of the product page. If you don't want it to be too tight, make sure to leave about 2-4cm space between the puppy's neck and the collar.





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