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Chihuahua Empire Casual Winter Vest

Chihuahua Empire Casual Winter Vest

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You want to take your Chihuahua for a walk, but it's bitterly cold outside. The sweater is not enough. Your puppy needs something warmer, something furnish. This Casual Winter Vest is ideal for winter, snowing days when you take your Chihuahua for a walk and a little fresh air!
Fur is one of the best materials that people can use for cold days. Its mission is to protect not just people but also your little egg, and we know how much she means to you. It's warm, soft, and comfortable, providing your little pooch warmness around the whole body. Nice looking, stylish design completes the picture.
Available in three colors, (all of them look magic, we know) making your little pooch the star of the winter.
Safe to wash in a machine, easy to use, and maintain, this Casual Winter Vest is a good investment in your little egg. Keep your puppy warm!


✔ Warm and soft 

✔ Cozy and stylish 

✔ Ideal for a cold day


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Some of our customer's puppies wearing their Chihuahua Empire Casual Winter Vest👇


If you aren't sure how to properly measure the size that would fit your puppy correctly, please take a look at our "HOW TO MEASURE YOUR CHIHUAHUA" guide, located just below the Size Selection panel, which you can find at the top of the product page.


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