Warm Fleece Chihuahua Coat


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Meet the Warm Fleece Chihuahua Coat – the ultimate winter wardrobe essential for your tiny four-legged trendsetter. This dog vest will keep your Chihuahua toasty on winter adventures!

  • inner layer made for white fleece
  • button closure on the belly
  • available in different colors and sizes
  • perfect to combine with our Chihuahua sweaters and hoodies
  • machine washable

Why wear our Warm Fleece Chihuahua Coat?

With its smart button closure on the belly, this coat slips on easily, meaning less time getting ready and more time for play. The buttons aren’t just functional; they add a touch of classic style, ensuring your pooch looks sharp on every outing.

Fleece for Days

The inner layer of warm fleece is where this coat truly shines. It’s like the softest blanket has been fashioned into a coat, wrapping your dog in a continuous, comforting embrace. Whether it’s a brisk morning walk or a chilly evening jaunt, your pup will feel like they’ve never left their snuggly bed.

Collar With a Purpose

An often-overlooked feature, the slightly elevated collar, isn’t just for good looks. It’s a barrier against the cold wind, protecting your Chihuahua’s neck like a personal scarf. It’s these little details that make a big difference in keeping your buddy warm.

Color for Every Canine

Life’s too short for dull colors, and this coat gets it. Available in a spectrum of shades, there’s a color for every day of the week and every mood. Your pooch can show off in sky blue on Monday, be pretty in pink on Tuesday, and go classic in black on Wednesday.

Layering Like a Pro

The best part? This coat is designed to be layered over hoodies or sweaters. That means when the cold really bites, you can double up on the warmth, and your Chihuahua can stay as cozy as a marshmallow in hot chocolate.


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Warm Fleece Chihuahua Coat

Warm Fleece Chihuahua Coat

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