Soft And Breakable Chihuahua Harness


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Soft And Breakable Chihuahua Harness

When it comes to choosing a harness for your beloved Chihuahua, comfort is always a top priority. You want your puppy to feel at ease, especially when wearing something around their neck and chest. Look no further than our remarkable Soft And Breathable Chihuahua Harness – the ultimate harness for your furry companion!

As the name suggests, this harness is designed with both softness and breathability in mind. Crafted from high-quality polyester, it offers a gentle touch against your puppy’s skin while allowing for easy airflow, ensuring their utmost comfort.

The burdock tape closure system allows you to adjust the harness to the perfect fit for your pup. With a simple motion, the harness securely locks in place, providing a snug and secure hold.

Not only does this harness prioritize comfort, but it also exudes style. The addition of double D rings around the locking mechanism adds a fashionable touch, making your Chihuahua look even more adorable.

Keeping the harness clean is a breeze, as it is washing safe and easy to manage. With its durable construction, you can enjoy the benefits of this harness for a long time to come.


Chest:  34-38cm (13.5-15.0”)
Chest:  39-43cm (15.0-17.0”)
Chest:  42-47cm (15.5-18.5”)
Chest:  47-53cm (18.5-21.0”)

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Soft And Breakable Chihuahua Harness

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