Neon Chihuahua Raincoat


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Keep your Chi’s walks bright, and dry with our waterproof Neon Chihuahua Raincoat. 

  • mafe from waterpoof fabric
  • available in bright yellow color
  • comes with a transparent addition on the hood
  • protects a dog’s head from rain and wind
  • perfect to go on outdoor adventures when you go hiking, running or walking in wet conditions
  • keeps your dog visible even in low light conditions
  • lightweight design that doesn’t restrict the dog’s moves


When to wear the Neon Chihuahua Raincoat?

Neon Chihuahua raincoat is one of those dog jackets that can be worn in different seasons. Since it’s lightweight, your little Chi won’t feel uncomfortable to wear it. We can say that it’s a rain and snow deflector, ensuring your furry friend remains dry, cozy, and ready for any adventure.

Transparent hood addition

We know that a happy dog is a dog that can see where it’s going, which is why our raincoat comes equipped with a transparent hood addition. This clever feature ensures your pup’s vision remains unobstructed, allowing them to navigate puddles with the precision of a seasoned sailor.

Bright color

We made this raincoat in a bright yellow color with one purpose. We want to keep your pooch visible even in the gloomiest days. Whether it’s a gentle drizzle or a blustery storm, your dog will stand out. It ensures both style and safety are checked off the list.

Get rid of that ‘’wet dog’ scent

We all have to admit that dogs don’t smell so pleasant when they’re wet. Luckily, this Chihuahua raincoat will be of great help to keep your pooch not only dry but also safe from hypothermia. And, in case your pooch needs an extra layer to stay snug, then we recommend you to check our collection Chihuahua hoodies.

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Neon Chihuahua Raincoat

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