Chihuahua Waterproof Jumpsuit


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Get your dog ready for those rainy and cold days with our Chihuahua waterproof jumpsuit. 

  • padded with mesh
  • lightweight windproof fabric
  • mesh fabric on the inside
  • reflective stripe on the back
  • hand washable
  • it comes with a button closure

Why to wear the Chihuahua Waterproof Jumpsuit?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s your Chi in the Chihuahua Waterproof Jumpsuit, ready to take on the elements like a pint-sized superhero! This jumpsuit is the Clark Kent of dog wear: mild-mannered and lightweight but ready to reveal its superpowers when the skies open up.

Made from a fabric that’s so light, your furry friend will feel like they’re wearing nothing but their natural coat. And the padding? Breathable mesh. Because even when they’re braving the splashy outdoors, your pooch needs to stay cooler than a cucumber in a bowl of gazpacho.

The button closure is a game-changer. No more wrestling with your wriggly companion to get them dressed. Just a few pops, and they’re encased in their rain-defying suit, ready to puddle-jump like they’re competing in the Doggy Olympics.

And safety, you ask? That reflective stripe on the back isn’t just for show; it’s a beacon of brilliance that keeps your pup seen when it’s dreary and dim. It’s like having a built-in safety light, except it doesn’t need batteries – just a dash of daylight or the glow from a streetlamp.

Strut out in confidence knowing that your Chihuahua is not only the best-dressed pet on the promenade but also the driest.





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Chihuahua Waterproof Jumpsuit

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