Xmas Season Chihuahuas Sweater

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Get your Chihuahua into the holiday spirit with our Xmas Season Chihuahuas Sweater! Featuring a turtleneck design for toasty tails and yuletide cheer.

  • features knitted acrylic wool
  • available in many sizes and patterns
  • turtle neckline to keep a dog warm
  • high cut on the belly
  • cute outfit for the Christmas season
  • you can match it with one of our Chihuahua jackets

Why buy our Xmas Season Chihuahuas Sweater?

Welcome to the festive wardrobe wonderland! Our Deck the Paws Xmas Season Chihuahuas Sweater is here to add some bark to your holiday park. Why should humans have all the fun when your Chihuahua can strut their stuff in true holiday style?

Fashioned with a cozy turtle neckline, these sweaters aren’t just about looking good—they’re about feeling good too. The neckline serves as your pet’s personal hug from Frosty the Snowman, keeping them warm even when the weather outside is frightful.

These sweaters are festooned with all the trimmings of the season: think snowflakes that stay on your pup’s nose and eyelashes, and reindeer patterns that could guide Santa’s sleigh. The merry designs and vibrant colors will make your Chihuahua the life of the paw-ty. After all, nothing says “Happy Howlidays” quite like a Chihuahua in a festive sweater!

Crafted from materials as soft as fresh-fallen snow, these sweaters ensure your pet is comfortable during all holiday escapades, from tearing open presents to taking Christmas morning strolls. They’re easy to slip on—less time dressing means more time for eggnog and snuggles.

Since this dog sweater comes in so many patterns, we’re sure that you’ll find one for your pooch.

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Gray Deer, Red Ripple, Red Puppy, Canadian Flag, American Flag, Red Strawberry, Pink Strawberry, Navy Leaf, Red Two Deers, Pink Love


6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16


Xmas Season Chihuahuas Sweater

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