Fleece Chihuahua Vest Coat


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Wrap your tiny companion in warmth with the Fleece Chihuahua Vest Coat. Since Chis can’t stand walking in cold weather, putting a warm coat on their bodies is over needed.

  • made from fleece
  • slightly elevated neckline
  • D-ring on the back
  • vest cut

Why buy our Fleece Chihuahua Vest Coat?

Crafted from fleece, this vest is a shield against the cold, ensuring your Chihuahua stays toasty. It’s like a portable snuggle session that keeps the shivers at bay and the warmth dialed up.

Not only does the slightly elevated neckline keep your pooch’s neck warm, but it also adds a dash of style to their look. It’s the perfect blend of function and fashion, turning heads while it turns up the heat. It’s hand washable for easy clean-up, so your pal can be the cleanest, coziest pup around the block, no sweat!

Available in different colors

Why settle for one shade when you can have a spectrum? Available in various colors, you can choose one (or a few) that best matches your Chihuahua’s vibrant personality.

 Zip Up and Go

The convenience of a zipper closure on the back means less wriggling and wrestling. It’s a smooth zip-and-go, so your pet can step out in style quickly, without any fuss.

There is also a D-ring made of metal on the back, so your furry friend can be ready for a walk in a minute. In that way, you won’t need to buy a separate harness for your chihuahua. This piece of chihuahua clothing will be the best pick for those chilly and crispy days when you want to save your pet from shivering.



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Fleece Chihuahua Vest Coat

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