Disney Winter Chihuahua Jacket


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The Disney Winter Chihuahua Jacket is your pup’s VIP pass to a kingdom of warmth and style. 

  • padded with soft pp cotton
  • decorated with mickey mouse pattern
  • zipper closure
  • unisex design
  • easy to match with sweaters and hoodies
  • machine washable

Why to wear our Disney Winter Chihuahua Jacket?

Padded with the softest pp cotton, this jacket is like a warm, loving hug from Mickey himself. Your precious pooch will be wrapped in comfort that’s cozier than a nap in Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage after the royal ball. With each step, they’ll be floating on clouds of cotton, unfazed by the chill that has the rest of the kingdom shivering.

The zipper closure is as smooth as Aladdin’s magic carpet ride. It ensures no wrestling match is needed to gear up for an adventure. Just zip up, and voilà—your Chihuahua is ready to take on the winter with the bravery.

The vest is classic Disney, sprinkled with an array of iconic, cheerful mouse ears against a vibrant background. It will stand out on even the dreariest days. It’s a look that says, “I’ve got more personality in my little paw than most have in their entire tail.”

For those extra frosty days, you can match this magical jacket with one of our hoodies for Chihuahuas. It’s like adding a warm layer of pixie dust for that added protection against the cold. 

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Disney Winter Chihuahua Jacket

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