Lion Chihuahua Carrier


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The Lion Chihuahua Carrier is the ultimate hangout spot for your pet. It’s got all the cozy vibes and safety features you need, so you can keep your furry friend close while you’re out and about. Plus, it’s designed to be super fun for your pet, because who says going for a ride can’t be a good time?

  • features a cute lion head with a hole where your dog can place the head
  • shoulder straps
  • made from a high-quality and durable fabric
  • perfect to take your chihuahua when finishing errands in the town

Why use our Lion Chihuahua Carrier?

The Lion Chihuahua Carrier is the perfect way to add some charm to your pet’s travel gear. Your furry friend will be the talk of the town! Perfect for taking your Chihuahua on all their adventures! It’s got this super cool and comfy vibe, so your furry friend can travel like a total boss.

Shoulder straps

Got a Chihuahua that loves going on adventures? Our shoulder strap lets you take your furry friend with you on walks, errands, or travels, all while keeping your hands free. No more struggling to juggle everything! This bag is made from top-notch materials that can handle whatever you throw at it. It’s like a fortress for your Chihuahua, keeping them safe and sound.

Ventilation hole:

This Chihuahua carrier is equipped with some nifty ventilation holes and a window, so your furry friend can enjoy a nice breeze and you can keep an eye on them while you’re out and about.

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White, Green, Gray, Blue


40X35CM, 44X40CM

Lion Chihuahua Carrier

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