Chihuahua Glam Grooming Kit


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The Chihuahua Glam Grooming Kit is the best way to give your little dog a spa treatment. The silicone brush glove in this kit is like a magic wand for your Chihuahua’s fur! It will make brushing time fun for both of you. You can easily get to every corner with just one stroke of your hand.

  • silicone pins that are gentle to the dog’s skin
  • mesh material that allows your skin to breathe
  • left and right gloves
  • choose the color you prefer
  • hand washable
  • allows you to easily reach all corners on your dog’s body

Why use our Chihuahua Glam Grooming Kit?

Give your Chihuahua a high-five and watch the magic happen. The soft silicone pins on the glove are gentle on skin but tough on dirt, making sure your furry friend is the cleanest pup on the block. Plus, the breathable mesh material keeps your hand cool and comfortable, no matter the season.

Wash, Wear, Repeat

Keeping the Chihuahua Glam Grooming Glove as pristine as your pet’s coat couldn’t be easier. It’s hand washable, making it a convenient addition to your pet care routine. Suitable for year-round use, this glove will have your Chihuahua looking glamorous every day.

The gentle silicone pins of the glove massage while they detangle, treating your dog’s skin with the kindness it deserves. And when it’s time for a clean, simply hand wash the glove – because your pet’s glamour should be effortless. In case you own a long-haired Chihuahua and you want to get rid of knots on your dog’s hair, then have a look at the Chihuahua Knot Brush.


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Right Brush Glove, Left Brush Glove, Sky Blue Right, Sky Blue Left, Hot Pink Right, Hot Pink Left, Red Right, Green Right, Red Left, Green Left

Chihuahua Glam Grooming Kit

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