Chihuahua Courier Halloween Costume


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This Halloween, why not let your Chihuahua deliver the ultimate package of cuteness with our Chihuahua Courier Halloween Costume?

  • it’s easy to dress because it should be dressed only to your dog’s front legs
  • hilarious Chihuahua accessory for special occasions
  • dry cleaning only
  • turns your dog into a postman

Why buy our Chihuahua Courier Halloween Costume?

Tailored to fit the unique physique of your petite companion, this costume offers both charm and comfort, ensuring your dog is the highlight of any Halloween festivity.

Designed for Comfort and Style

Our Chihuahua Courier Costume features soft, lightweight materials that allow for easy movement. The costume is designed to resemble a courier’s uniform, complete with a cap and a delivery box that securely attaches to your dog’s back. The attention to detail is impeccable, ensuring your Chihuahua looks just like a miniature delivery person ready to bring joy and treats to everyone.

Easy to Wear

Understanding the importance of convenience, this costume includes adjustable straps and a secure yet comfortable fit. It’s designed to be easy to put on and take off, reducing stress for both you and your pet. The Velcro fastenings ensure a snug fit, so your little courier can move around freely without any discomfort.

Capture the Moment

Halloween comes but once a year, and what better way to commemorate the occasion than with a series of adorable photos of your Chihuahua dressed as the cutest courier on the block? This costume is sure to be a hit on social media, making your pet a viral sensation overnight.


Size Chest (cm) Chest (inches)
S 40-50 cm 15.7-19.7 inches
M 50-60 cm 19.7-23.6 inches
L 60-70 cm 23.6-27.6 inches

*Leave some space wiggle room for a more comfortable fit.


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Chihuahua Courier Halloween Costume

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