Chihuahua Non-Slip Sandal Set


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Keep your little Chi’s paws safe from environmental allergens and hot pavements by using our Chihuahua Non-Slip Sandal Set!

  • anti-slip sole
  • made from mesh
  • they come with reflective stripe
  • Velcro closure that allows you to easily adjust them

Why buy the Chihuahua Non-Slip Sandal Set?

Each sandal is crafted from lightweight mesh material, ensuring your Chihuahua’s paws stay cool, comfortable, and well-ventilated throughout the hot summer months. No more overheated paws on those sunny day strolls.

Anti-Slip Sole for Safety

The world is full of slippery surfaces, but with our anti-slip sole design, your Chihuahua can tread confidently on any terrain. Whether it’s a poolside jaunt or a beach adventure, these sandals offer the grip your pup needs to stay safe and upright.

Ideal for Summer Wear

Designed with the heat in mind, these sandals are perfect for keeping your dog’s paws protected from hot pavements, prickly grass, or rough terrain, making every outdoor adventure enjoyable and safe.

Adjustable Velcro for a Perfect Fit

Say goodbye to the hassle of shoes that don’t fit. Our sandals come with adjustable velcro straps, ensuring a snug, secure fit for Chihuahuas of all shapes and sizes. Easy to put on and take off, they’re designed for convenience and comfort.

Reflective Strip for Night-Time Visibility

Safety doesn’t take a night off, and neither do our sandals. Each pair features a reflective strip on the front, enhancing your Chihuahua’s visibility during evening walks. It’s a thoughtful touch for pets and owners who love late strolls under the stars.


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Chihuahua Non-Slip Sandal Set

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