Black&White Chihuahua Harness


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What is the first item that every dog owner needs to buy when they bring a Chi puppy home? Well, the Black&White Chihuahua Harness should definitely take the first place on our shopping list.
  • made from nylon webbing
  • gentle to the dog’s skin
  • adjustable straps on the harness
  • chest strap that prevents pulling
  • ideal pick both for untrained puppies and adult dogs

Why buy our Black & White Chihuahua Harness?

This harness set is designed to keep your pooch prancing comfortably from their puppy days well into their golden years. And yes, it’s got that Fendi flair, without the designer price tag!Crafted from sturdy nylon webbing and decked out in a classic black and white combo, this set puts the ‘fun’ in functional. Whether you’ve got a peppy puppy or a dignified adult dog, the adjustable harness and collar grow with your pet, ensuring a fit that’s just right—snug but comfy, like a good hug.

The chic Fendi-inspired pattern? It’s not just fashion-forward; it’s a neck-turner. Prepare to be the center of attention on every sidewalk, making the other dog owners wish they were as cool as you. And let’s be real—who doesn’t want their fur baby to be the trendsetter of the dog park?

But this set isn’t all looks. It’s designed for easy living too. Nylon means wash-and-wear simplicity, perfect for those muddy puddle days or the unexpected roll in park grass. The harness spreads out the pull as your dog walks, which means less tugging and more enjoying the great outdoors together.

Completing the set is a matching leash that keeps everything coordinated and under control. It’s like the cherry on top of a very stylish sundae. Now, walking your dog isn’t just a part of the daily grind; it’s a strut on the runway.

Need more gear to gear up your pup? Check out our full range of accessories that pair perfectly with the Black&White Harness set. After all, a well-dressed dog deserves an equally fashionable wardrobe, right?

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Black&White Chihuahua Harness

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