Why Do Chihuahuas Like Burrowing? 4 Most Common Reasons

As an owner of these lovely pooches, you’ve probably wondered why do Chihuahuas like burrowing. Chihuahua burrowing behavior can be triggered by several factors, so it’s important to make a difference between negative and positive burrowing.

Before we reveal the Chihuahua’s burrowing habits, let’s get to know our subject. These dogs are one of the smallest dog breeds, generally weighing no more than a few pounds. Originating from Mexico, these dogs have become incredibly popular worldwide, not only for their compact size but also for their big personalities. They are like the comedians of the canine world – small but with the ability to make a big impression!

chihuahua burrowing

Why Do Chihuahuas Burrow?

Dogs, believe it or not, have been around for a long, long time. Long before they were our couch-potato buddies, they had jobs in the wild. Burrowing was a big part of their survival kit. Here’s why:

  • Finding Food: Imagine a wild dog thinking, “Hmm, where’s my next meal hiding?” Yup, under the ground! Burrowing helped them find critters to munch on.
  • Seeking Warmth: Dogs didn’t have AC or heaters. They dug holes to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Chihuahuas are not exactly equipped with a natural, thick fur coat like some of their huskier cousins. This lack of a heavy fur coat means they get cold easily. Burrowing into blankets is like their way of saying, “Hey, it’s chilly out here!”
  • Feeling of Security: When you’re a dog in the wild, it’s either be safe or be sorry. Digging dens was like building their own Fort Knox. While your Chihuahua’s only predator might be the vacuum cleaner, the instinct to burrow for safety is still strong.
  • Nesting Instinct: Just like birds, Chihuahuas have a nesting instinct. They love to create a snug, comfortable spot to relax. Think of it as their way of interior decorating!

Breeds That Love to Dig

Not all dogs are equal in the digging department. Some breeds have ‘excavator’ written all over their DNA. Let’s meet some of them:

Terriers: These little dynamos were bred to hunt underground critters. So, they see your garden as a giant playground. Dog breeds such as  Jack Rusell Terrier, Beagle and even Yorkshire terriers love to burrow.

Dachshunds: Originally badger hunters, these short-legged furballs are natural-born diggers.

Siberian Huskies: They dig for fun, for comfort, and sometimes just because they can.

The Health Perspective

  • Anxiety Relief: Sometimes, burrowing can be a sign of anxiety. If the world seems too overwhelming, what’s better than hiding under a warm blanket?
  • Joint Comfort: For older Chihuahuas with joint issues, burrowing into soft materials can provide much-needed comfort. In this case, you should also choose the right Chihuahua bed that will soothe pains in their joints.

Shape Comfortable Chihuahua Bed is one of the best picks for pooches who love to get a feeling of safety. It’s filled with pp cotton and features elevated edges that your dog can use to place its head.

chihuahua bed

And for all those Chihuahuas that like to tunnel, dig, or burrow, Banana Chihuahua Bed will do the thing! It featured a lid where your Chi would like to burrow and get a feeling of safety. The bed is made of soft sponge and it’s padded with the softest plush you could ever imagine.

chihuahua dog bed

When Chihuahua Burrowing Becomes a Problem

As with anything that’s good, excessive burrowing can have its negatives. Therefore, if they are acting obsessively or showing any signs of anxiety or sickness, it’s important to treat them carefully. Also, if your Chihuahua prefers to stay under bedding rather than with you, we recommend you to contact a vet immediately.

Chihuahua burrowing behavior

Encouraging Healthy Chihuahua Burrowing Behavior

Transform your home into a burrowing haven with these ideas:

  • Comfy Beds: Raised edges on a dog bed help to make it more like a natural burrow.
  • Blanket Piles: Dedicate a corner with soft blankets for your little Chi to burrow in.
  • Warm Spots: Next, make sure there are cozy places in the home for your Chihuahua to snuggle up, particularly on colder winter months.
  • DIY Burrow Box: Cardboard box with opening, filled with soft bedding is an excellent, cheap way.

Toys: The Burrowing Edition

Spice up their burrowing experience with these:

Cuddle Buddies: Soft toys are not only for snuggling, they’re also good burrowing playmates.

Treasure Hunt Toys for your Chihuahua: Also, hide treat-dispensing toys in their burrow spots for a little surprise and reward.

Chihuahua Burrowing Etiquette Training

Positive Reinforcement: Treat and praise them to get them burrowing at their respective areas.

Redirecting Tactics: If they start burrowing in places you don’t want them burrowing (that means your favorite couch), gently guide them to their own burrow zone.

Balancing Burrowing and Social Interaction

  • Scheduled Playtime: Regular plays outside and away from the ‘’burrowing place’’ will keep your Chihuahua active.
  • Training Sessions: The regular training keeps the puppy’s mind active instead of making them chittem. They will also be less prone to anxiety-induced burrowing.

Ever caught your Chihuahua burrowing into a mountain of laundry? It’s a riot! Picture this: they nose-dive into your freshly washed clothes, do a couple of merry-go-round spins, and then their head pops out, looking as proud as if they’ve just built the Taj Mahal. It’s like you’re watching a live game of hide-and-seek, and guess what? They’re playing both roles!

Chihuahua Burrowing 101: What’s the Deal?

Here’s a quick rundown for those scratching their heads wondering, “Why do they even do this?”

AspectWhat’s Up with That?
Reason for TunnelingIt’s about warmth, feeling secure, that nesting urge, chilling out their nerves, and oh, those achy joints.
When to WorryIf they’re tunneling more than a mole on a mission, it might be a bit much.
How to Tunnel RightMake a cozy bed, pile up some blankets, find some warm spots, and don’t forget a good mix of play and hangout time.

Your Chihuahua Burrowing Drama: A Mixed Bag of Emotions

Owning a Chihuahua means having a love-hate relationship with their digging antics. It’s natural and often a hoot, but your garden and furniture might beg to differ.

The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty:


  • Natural Canine Fun: Just dogs being dogs, folks!
  • Workout Plus: It’s like a gym session and a brain teaser rolled into one.
  • Cheap Thrills: Who needs Netflix when you have this?


  • Garden Armageddon: Kiss those prize-winning petunias goodbye.
  • Furniture Fallout: Your wallet won’t be thrilled about this.
  • Muddy Paw Prints: The dreaded dirt trail… it’s like CSI but with paws.

Striking a Balance: Embracing the Dig Without the Drag

Loving your Chihuahua’s digging doesn’t mean turning your backyard into a lunar landscape. It’s about striking that perfect balance.

  • Designate a Dig Zone: A special spot for them to unleash their inner archaeologist.
  • Nail Trimming Time: Keeping those claws in check can save your sofa.
  • Good Doggy Rewards: Treats for digging in the right spot? Yes, please!

Chihuahua Burrowing Behavior: Conclusion

In the end, Chihuahua burrowing behavior is a quirky yet utterly charming trait of these diminutive dogs. It’s a blend of instinct, comfort seeking, and sometimes a dash of anxiety. As pet parents, understanding and accommodating this behavior can help ensure that our Chihuahuas are happy, healthy, and snug as a bug in a rug. Just remember, the next time you can’t find your Chihuahua and you hear a slight rustling from under your blanket, there’s a good chance you’ll find a tiny burrower underneath, content in their cozy little world.

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