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  • Anti Social Puppy Club Chihuahua Hoodie - 29 % Off

    The Chi Anti Social Puppy Club Chihuahua Hoodie is here to elevate your Chihuahua’s style and comfort game! Made from a soft and thick knit fabric, this hoodie is designed to keep your furry friend cozy in any weather. With its trendy Anti Social Puppy Club design, your Chi will…

  • Christian Chiorable - Soft Knit For Chihuahua - 11 % Off

    Introducing our Soft Knitted Chihuahua Sweater, a timeless piece that combines style and functionality. This sweater not only enhances your furry friend’s aesthetic appeal but also keeps them warm and cozy during chilly weather. Say goodbye to your pocket monster’s shivers as this soft and breathable sweater provides the utmost…

  • Luxury GG Hooded Chihuahua Jacket - 38 % Off

    Strut down the sidewalk and turn heads with the Luxury GG Chihuahua Jacket. This is a statement piece that whispers “exclusivity” with every thread. made from a cozy cotton blend fabric zipper closure comes with a protective hood an Italian-style inspired design a cute pick for special occasions Why wear…

  • Premium Grey Chihuahua hoodie

    Introducing our Premium Grey Chihuahua hoodie, a perfect way to celebrate your pup’s fun and sassy nature. This hoodie combines contemporary style with the latest trends, pleasing both pets and their owners while delighting all who love pets. Key Features: 1. Double Stitched for Durability: Our hoodie is double stitched…


  • chihuahua-breathable-mesh-harness

    Chihuahua Breathable Mesh Harness When it comes to walking your puppy, having a reliable and comfortable harness is essential. Our Chihuahua Breathable Mesh Harness is not only affordable but also guarantees top-quality and includes a leash! Designed with a breathable mesh material, this harness ensures optimal air circulation. Your ChiChi…

  • chihuahua-empire-harness-with-a-bow-tie-leash-included

    Chihuahua Empire Harness With A Bow Tie ( Leash Included ) The Chihuahua Empire Harness with a Bow Tie is here to meet your needs for a secure yet stylish option. Are you ready to discover its incredible features? Not only does this harness come with a charming bow tie,…

  • chihuahua-vest-harness - 23 % Off

    Introducing our Chihuahua Vest Harnesses, the perfect accessory for your beloved furry friend. Designed for all seasons, this harness combines style, comfort, and functionality to ensure a pleasant walking experience for both you and your Chihuahua. Key Features: 1. All-Season Design: Our Chihuahua Vest Harnesses are suitable for all seasons,…

  • Pawcci Designer Chihuahua Harness With Leash Set - 50 % Off

    Introducing our Pawcci Designer Chihuahua Harness With Leash Set, the perfect way to elevate your dog’s style and make them shine! Inspired by the iconic Gucci design, this set is crafted with both fashion and functionality in mind, ensuring your pet looks stylish while staying secure and comfortable. Key Features:…

  • $30.00

    Are you planning to ride a bike and also bring your dog with you? Or maybe you want to go shopping in a well-crowded place and you’re looking for the better solution than a traditional dog leash? Our Chihuahua carrier makes it easy and smooth to bring your fury friend…

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