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  • $39.54$87.77

    Say “hello” to the game-changer your Chihuahua has been dreaming of! Our 3-in-1 Chihuahua Bed is the naptime revolution for pups who love options. Whether your furry friend is all about the snuggle or living for the sprawl, this bed shapes to their every whim. Easily change between bolstered, semi-bolstered,…

  • soft-lounger-cozy-chihuahua-mattress-bed

    Treat your tiny companion to the ultimate in comfort with our Cozy Chihuahua Mattress Bed. Specifically tailored for smaller breeds like Chihuahuas, this flat dog bed offers a plush, supportive space for your pet to rest and rejuvenate. Suits the lying preferences of smaller dog breeds. Adds extra head and…

  • nest-kennel-soft-plush-chihuahua-sofa-bed

    Unveil a sanctuary of sleep with the Flower Nest Chihuahua Bed, designed to cradle your Chihuahua in unparalleled comfort. filled with pp cotton outer layer made of plush dog bed in the shape of a flower nest dog bed anti-sleep bottom Why use our Flower Nest Chihuahua Bed? This plush…