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Chihuahua Breathable Mesh Harness

Chihuahua Breathable Mesh Harness

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Walking your puppy is a routine that requires a reliable harness and leash to maintain control. Besides these essential factors, another important thing is your dog's feeling when wearing the harness. It has to be comfortable and breathable. Our Chihuahua Breathable Mesh Harness is an affordable, quality item that comes with a leash included!
It consists of meshy, passable material. It will provide air circulation throughout the body, allowing your ChiChi to feel pleasant and the body to breathe, no matter the situation and the activities.
The leash and the harness belts are made of durable, quality furniture fabric. This resistant material will provide the necessary firmness and stability. When your puppy pulls, the pressure will spread equally through the whole body, minimalizing the possibility of a neck injury. That is one more crucial thing why having a harness is a good solution.
An extra benefit: the design is reflective, and it will allow you to walk your puppy in the evening and in low visibility conditions without fear.
With a reasonable price and many benefits it provides, our Chihuahua Breathable Mesh Harness is a more than perfect solution for your puppy's security and optimal feeling whenever going outside.



✔ Breathable, pleasant material

✔ Reflective

✔ Leash included

✔ Reasonable price



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Some of our customer's pets wearing their Chihuahua Breathable Mesh Harness👇

If you aren't sure how to properly measure the size that would fit your puppy correctly, please take a look at our "HOW TO MEASURE YOUR CHIHUAHUA" guide, located just below the Size Selection panel, which you can find at the top of the product page.



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